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Bamboo Fiber Industry R&D base Raise Money(Project Introduction)
一、Bamboo fiber industry is a Low - carbon economic advantages for the development of natural resources industry in China.

二、Bamboo fiber products,Moisture - absorbent and fast dry,comfortable to wear,natural anti-bacteria and ultraviolet radiation.Raw material of new-style environmental protection grows naturally, does not occupy the land.Not only suitable for civilian, also suitable for industrial product material alternatives.and gain greater benefits in economy, society and environment fields.

三、Bamboo Fiber Industry of Xinnanguo is important industry planning of "10th Five-Year Plan""11th Five-Year Plan""12th Five-Year Plan" of Chongqing will be constructed the economic center with special economic and strategic importance in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. Breakthrough integral lift textile profession new industrialization of Chongqing industry.With a distinctive position in Chongqing,and enjoys industrial policy support from the municipal government.

四、Bamboo Fiber industry is an important new material in 21st century,Consumer market highly satisfaction,Bamboo fiber products needed abundantly and the market foreground is vastitude.Long product life cycle。

五、The company is poised for take-off for 9 years,With the advantages in brand and products,and the global only patents of natural anti-bacteria and ultraviolet radiation,a complete industrial chain,Occupy a high position,raw material ,produces finished product ,a central part of position in the market。The company is setting the pace in the Bamboo Industry market.“Trinity " urban and rural ecological construction mode of small cities and towns in the development of pilot,“Working people as the center,High-end Industries as the core,Eco - towns construction supporting,
Eco - agriculture in modern interactive”,Have Policy advantage in industrial base、agricultural and Forestrial the real estate,The Pilot project official written reply of Development and Reform Commission of Chongqing.

六、The world's most powerful production base of textile research and development of bamboo industry complete multiple site scenario,when raise enough 20-30million yuan RMB,build while run and yield.Industrial investment return period 3 years. Supporting construction of real estate only 1 billion is needed to scroll operation funds.

七、Economic efficiency of industry analysis indicator


1、Bamboo Fibre Manufacturing base(50000 tons a year as a basic element)

2、R&D and production base(1.3 million pieces of clothing and 3 million pieces)

According to the 1.3 million pieces of clothing:

Invest:1.55 billion.

Project benefit:Average pre-tax profit margins of 66%,the eighth - year products annual sales income of 240.72 billion,total annual profit of 158.87 billion,may be allocated to 121.54 billion a year,expect a payback within 3 years.

Financial indicator:financial net present value(the discount rate is 15%)28.62547billion;IRR is 146.73%;the durance of static investment wibb be 2.92 years;Dynamic payback period will be2.03years.

八、Raised the foreign investments14.50023billion(Three batch input in 10 years,Initial minimum 2.57292 billion.See the schedule)

九、Three modes of finding funding partners

1、Form a company of industrial towns project(the foreign side 49.9%)。

2、Establishing Sino-Foreign equity joint venture, Sino-Foreign cooperative joint venture,the proportion of investment by foreign investor in a joint venture will be 49.9%,Early borrowed construction funds of RMB 3 billion.(Over 3 years)

3、Reference to non - participating preferred stock,56.5 billion investment in three batches.10-year,Cumulative annual dividend yield of 5 priority,Total investment of 2. 0 times - ratio - batch premium redemption.

八、Risk factor

1、Investment and land fixed assets in industry about 70.5%,risk is finite,less input,high-income,low-risk,high return.

2、Business, commercial and residential investment bank mortgage,only raise operating funds;

3、Land and fixed assets rising。

4、Mechanism is flexible。

May 15th, 2011.

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