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China became a full member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which was a new landmark in our opening up and in the Economic Globalization.ChineseTextile and clothing from a textile and garment processing power in the world is becoming fashion resource country in the world.After Chongqing became municipality,With long-standing culture and unique in the world of Pakistan "provisional capital" cultural heritage and economic base, favorable conditions for strategic development, will become the center of Yangtze River Yangtze River Regional economic center.From now on in our world into a fashion garment factory source in the process of product resources,Chongqing has the condition and duty to make greater contribution.We put forward a slogan the Chinese fashion in Chongqing.To build a moder tely prosperous society Chongqing will contribute to the country.We grasp the Historical Opportunities and a historical mission,foundedIn the southwest of China.。Efforts to gather the growing " has the vision, knowledge, and dedication " talents of the times, let the consumer satisfaction and surprise.Let more women put on " health, comfort, innovative, fashion " fashion.Make a brand of one's own Holnyan。A faster rate of industrial development……“I see no ending, yet high and low I’ll search with my will unbending.”No difficulties or obstacles can impede our progress.

"Holnyan"One of the bright stars of stage and screen with higher artistic and technical.Especially the color rich and impressive reach unparalleled realm, had a strong impact on the people, become a classic to this day."Holnyan" as a fashion brand identity,express the wishes garments as epic colourfu;作For the description of the journal of life, as a friend of caring, sublimation, and as a heart of flesh and blood elves show.Fashion is art, technology, culture, economic complex,Is one of the symbols of economy development level."Holnyan"on the stage that is the image of life.

In an era of historical desire for cross,Movie by noble, pure art and the secular life of contradiction, presented to the people,is doing a pig happy wallowing in the mire,o rhold a candle to the people.Two opposition thinking Outlook, only alternative pain, difficult choices.Realistic education significance to people of the 21st century.Conflict of Interest economic benefits,let people acting"Man’s nature at birth is good".More people of noble character,dedicated,noble thoughts in the world,and the world would be a better place.People will get the appropriate return on the mutual dedication,the world healthier development.We expect clothing to express our vision and aspirations.Just like Plum "South beauty also indisputable spring, only to spring, until when in full bloom, she laughs in the plexus.”

Holnya show the world on this point, the entire fashion industry will have a positive impact, it will be the public's positive response.China's own clothing brand stand in the world.

A century BC,Annihilation of Julius Caesar conquered Eurasia irresistible to the vast territory,became a superstar in human history.Today, the Glory of Ancient Rome was fixed in our mind.
China as one of the world's four ancient civilizations has a long history,about One-fifth of the world's population live in china.Silk Road to Eurasia know China,also the Chinese from Asia to the world......
“Kademan”originated Eurasia,rooted in the land of China.The deposition of culture of eastern and western culture.It is both Eastern restrained,very elegant and Western fashion, aggressive.“Kademan”Offers to the world not only honor the feelings and the quality of protection, but also a new healthy lifestyle.
China has used high-tech textile with unique resources, is acting the role of an industry at world With strong momentum and high brand image.Through the men's brand"Kademan", let the world know more about the "Xinnanguo", and thus know more about the China in the New Period.

When people used to measure the amount of wealth and satisfaction of people's different."Happiness" as the word already started to re-examine their own modern standard of living.Whether you are rich, extravagant or simple home life, light food and live a relatively simple life, Am I happy?Is the same issue.

Although people in this world only a few years time.However, from generation to generation, endless continuation of human life that everyone can live longer.Am I happy?Am I happy tomorrow?Next-generation are happy?Everyone cherish own life should examine and think about from time to time.

We feel happy when see the side of the family, friends, happy life.The loss of relatives and friends without the pain,the supernal happiness of a quiet death,we only wish him quietly into heaven.And when seen close relatives, friends, intrusion due to illness,We are filled with deep sorrow.But,few people are thinking, pondering in grief:In an environment of ignorance and greed, what did I do?what shall be done?When science and wisdom teach us to seriously consider,find that we should do more of this, some are not to do.We realize that: From myself,especially the focus on our children.Happiness is the most important.

Ecogirl&Ecoboy You and Me.Every one irrespective of sex and the old and the young is ordinary,But once we know who I am when we are all-powerful Superman.Boldly walk into tomorrow with a purpose and a vision for a better world, the heart will be happy ubiquitous.Followed in the steps of Ecogirl&Ecoboy and marched onward.We will work with you,him and her,200 episodes animatedstories easily, happy to see our world.Protect our environment from myself and the little things to make the worlda better place.A sensation of happiness grow deeper.More lingering expectation of happiness.

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