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A century BC,Annihilation of Julius Caesar conquered Eurasia irresistible to the vast territory,became a superstar in human history.Today, the Glory of Ancient Rome was fixed in our mind.
China as one of the world's four ancient civilizations has a long history,about One-fifth of the world's population live in china.Silk Road to Eurasia know China,also the Chinese from Asia to the world......
“Kademan”originated Eurasia,rooted in the land of China.The deposition of culture of eastern and western culture.It is both Eastern restrained,very elegant and Western fashion, aggressive.“Kademan”Offers to the world not only honor the feelings and the quality of protection, but also a new healthy lifestyle.
China has used high-tech textile with unique resources, is acting the role of an industry at world With strong momentum and high brand image.Through the men's brand"Kademan", let the world know more about the "Xinnanguo", and thus know more about the China in the New Period.
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