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Prelude:ECOGIRL&ECOBOY were both in Chao'tianmen

Picture frame:

With its central district located at the confluence of Jialing and Yangtze rivers, Chongqing is built on hilly land.


Standing on the river,blue hills and green streams here,enjoy all the magnificent buildings and the beautiful urban the process of rapid urbanization,will citify the country。

Chao'tianmen Square:

White clouds free fall in the blue sky,The clouds have been dissipated,From fast to slow spin-dependent two trash coming out.Small to large rotating,drum cover is closed,There they were–dropped from the clouds。from far to near rotating wheel rolled into two small cylinder into two small feet,From the cylinder into a hand-out armrest。Head out to the two large flapping ears。"E" word and mouth, nose, eyes made of each sketch。

ECOGIRL&ECOBOY were both,Relative to smile, hug, hold hands, twittering, agreed to hand the world tour, see the world environmental protection.

Ears flap can fly, two rotating scroll, can stretch his legs to stand, walk, water, land and air possible. Variable thin body, twist.(Hero freeze) Take care:ECOGIRL&ECOBOY travel round the worldwide environmental protection.

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