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Founded in 2002 and based on the fact that Chongqing will be constructed the economic center with special economic and strategic importance in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River,the company created self-owned women's dress brand "Holnyan",men's dress brand "Kademan"and other types of product brand"Ecogirl&Ecoboy".To provide consumers with " healthy, comfortable, innovative, fashion " fashion and environmental protection industrial products.According to the market demand,the company has established an industry chain and economic alliiance with the characteristics of new industrialization.In the last 9years,the company has won many prizes in fashion design as well as the awards like“Famous Quality Product of China”, “National Model Creditable Company”, “Reliable Quality Product Appraised by Consumers in China”, “The First Enterprise of Ecological Textile Products of Chongqing”, “Excellent Garment Enterprise in Chongqing” and “Golden Medal of Made-in-Chonqging Products”. The chairman of the company was employed by the industrial authorities of the government as the vice chairman of the “Sodality of Chongqing Textile and Garment Enterprise” and was selected the executive council member of “Chongqing Commercial Chamber”. The company's Pilot project official written reply of Development and Reform Commission of Chongqing.This Pilot project is textile industry of Bamboo,Urban industrial base innovation investment project.
In 2003, the company started to develop bamboo fiber textile, which is a kind of healthy and ecological textile with bright prospect in the 21st century. Up to now, the company has developed several series of bamboo fiber textile products such as shirt, sweater, fashion dress, pajama and T-shirt, as well as the medium- and high-grade uniforms made from bamboo fiber textile. Our mission is to promote the new industrialization of the textile and garment industry in Chongqing by the extensive development of the bamboo fiber textile products and to provide our people with more healthy and comfortable clothes. This company is the only one in Chongqing that has developed and adopted bamboo fiber, a new type of surface cloth, for 9 years, and also the only one in China that develops the bamboo fiber textile and garment in accordance with the requirements of new industrialization. We have gained several Patents of natural UV - protective textiles globally unique.Registered trademarks"Holnyan""Kademan""Ecogirl&Ecoboy".
In the last 9 years,the company professional manufactory which engage in design, production in the and promotion.To provide consumers with " healthy, comfortable, innovative, fashion " fashion and environmental protection industrial products.Participate in the bid in a national uniform of bamboo fiber fabric bidding, providing group buy clothes for many influential groups.The company was invited to influential promotion activities such as Chongqing, Xiamen, Moscow exhibitions.
Designed to provide a broad development of bamboo fiber fabric and innovative enterprise development model,lead development of textile and garment industry of new - type industrialization in Chongqing.For people to put on a more healthy, comfortable clothing and use more alternative products for environmentally - friendly products.
The company’s plan of “constructing the bamboo fiber textile and garment industry chain” has been listed as a key project in the “11th Five-Year Plan” of the textile industry in Chonqging. With the plan of introducing foreign capital, the company is trying to set up the structure of a super company.On the basis of economic Union of Xinnanguo,innovation of "A trinity " pilot mode and is financing the construction of urban and rural construction " interest integration " industry base,will achieve the ambitious goals of the great era and the great innovations.

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