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Enter 21 centuries,integration with the global econom.The increasingly global manufacturing division is clear.The future of China's economic transformation industry,is to use new materials, new technologies and new organizational form of enterprise reconstruction and enhancement of the traditional pillar industries." Made in China " to " Chinese creation " leap of the Chinese advanced manufacturing is an important part of it.
The heterogeneity and uneven development of China’s economy determined the coastal advanced in support of the development of new industries in the area at the same time, adhere to the rise of the great development of Western, Central, comprehensive development of the national strategy of revitalization in Northeast China.By the mid-21st century,the goals of constructing Well-off Society completely in China.In order to vainly hope for China as a world powera century of rising powers in the world of dreams
800 million Chinese people benefits upon the Yangtze valley of Chinese national strategies and development.Economic Center in the Upper Reaches of Yangtze River in Chengdu,Chongqing Areas,comprehensive reform trial place of urban and rural regions,the geographical area in Middle Wes;the broad spending market;abundant natural resources and advanced business mode;Brand, corporate culture strategy;Innovation and development in advanced mode;There is far-reaching influence hidden.It has become hotspots of investment by the global,and in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in the eastern part, can development of shoulder region in the future.
The company takes the Lead in Economic Alliance OF Xinnanguo in 2004.To be new Type of globalization integrate social resources.
Textile Bamboo industry of Xinnanguo,In the development of unique strategic guidance and the Joining of WTO,The three-step development strategy in 8 years,Insist on the high starting point,high standard and poised for take-off.Access to a number of unique natural UV - protective textiles patents at the core of the global intellectual property system Professional strong cooperation of a complete industrial chain to achieve the goal grow from small to strong.
Great era Great innovation in the next decade of important strategic opportunitiesWith government support and bright Future,New " Trinity " pilot mode and the construction of urban and rural integration development of natural bamboo fiber,andjointly initiate Small and Medium Enterprises Joint Development Association with Taipei Sichuan Association,trying by all possible means to raise funds.Implementation of the proposed " interests integration " " North and South of the Yangtze River industrial chain research and production base " build target;Building the world's most powerful production base of textile research and development of bamboo industry.greater international coordination effort is required;Ecological civilization construction of social services for all mankind.

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